Baldwin General Contracting

We develop and maintain solid, responsibility
based relationships with the project team that
ensure adversarial situations are avoided and
that efficient, effective construction methods
are utilized which result in projects that are
built to the highest industry standards


Every project – regardless of size – involves a lot of moving parts, and not every owner has the time or experience to manage the process. Many choose to hire an industry professional to oversee the design, estimating and construction. When Baldwin General provides Construction Management services, our primary responsibility is to ensure that our clients receive a final product constructed on time and within budget and that the final construction fully supports the stated needs and objectives of the owner. To this end, we feel that a successful team atmosphere is vital and can only happen through mutual respect, formal partnering, effective communication and team collaboration. The climate during construction must be one that creates a sense of purpose and encourages an open mind. Recognizing the experience and knowledge that each team member brings to the project are important keys to maintaining a respectful and productive working environment.

If you hire us for Construction Management Services, we will recommend that a “strategic planning” session be held with the core project team leadership in attendance. The stated purpose of this workshop will be to develop the overall common goals for the project and its potential challenges by working with team members in small focus groups.

The importance of building a successful team atmosphere cannot be overstated. The following are additional tools we use to improve team performance, motivation, and trust, and to ensure the timely and open flow of information:

  • Periodic partnering “refresher” meetings regularly scheduled throughout the project duration.
  • Project management planning sessions
  • Regular preconstruction planning sessions
  • Regular construction planning meetings
  • Cost management guidelines and measures
  • Project specific / special issues planning sessions (security, utility interfaces, etc.)
  • Formalized communications programs, safety programs, operations, quality management
  • Orientation conferences before and during construction activities
  • Monthly project update reports