Baldwin General Contracting

Partnering with owners and design
professionals in an open, collaborative
team environment can result in significant
opportunities for improving constructability,
saving cost, and achieving project specific

Design Build

Design-Build construction can provide significant cost and time savings for owners by capitalizing on the interrelationships of design and construction. By providing a single point of responsibility for an entire project, Design-Build differs from the traditional Design-Bid-build process, which separates the design and construction. Instead of the owner contracting separately with the architect and the contractor, this integrated delivery approach typically ties the architect contractually to the contractor. The owner now enters into a Design-Build contract with the contractor and only has to deal with one entity, the Design-Build team, rather than managing each one separately.

Baldwin General Contracting has a fantastic track record of completing design-build development projects with an integrated delivery approach. Here’s how we do it; from the beginning, we are responsible for the entire construction process – under one contract. We assume all responsibility for all phases, including architectural, planning, site preparation, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as the actual construction. First we select an architect/ engineer and place them under contract as part of our design-build team. We then partner with not only the owner and design professionals, but also with the major suppliers and sub-contractors in an open, collaborative team environment to ensure the planning, design and construction meet the specific goals, constraints and demands of the project.

Design-Build enhances the opportunity for improved communication between the designers and constructors, more efficient and constructible designs; shortened construction time and lowering the cost to the owner.

Among the many benefits of design-build are;

  • Design and construction services are under one contract
  • Cost and schedule are controlled by a single entity
  • Typically best method for fast-track projects
  • High quality design delivered economically
  • Subcontractor expertise can be obtained in design process