Career Day - Baldwin General teaches students about careers in the construction industry.

At High School Career Day, Baldwin General Contracting Teaches Students About Careers In The Construction Industry

One of the best parts about the work being done at Baldwin General Contracting is being able to speak with kids and young adults about the inner-workings of the construction industry. After 25 years in the business, it’s one area the experienced staff at Baldwin knows all too well.

Recently Pati Kiley, a Project Engineer at Baldwin, took part in Career Day at Amity High School in Amity, Oregon, where she spent time answering questions from students and sharing her experiences about working in the construction industry. It was the opportunity for students to learn about the finer details of Baldwin and what kind of education and skills are required to pursue a career in construction. 

“That’s what I appreciate the most about having Baldwin participate in working with schools and students; it’s the chance to open their eyes to all the possibilities of their future and to give them a real world view,” said Pati about Career Day at Amity High School.

“When I was in high school, we were encouraged to go to college – regardless of what our aptitudes were. When in college, I recall struggling through Calculus I & II, Chemistry I & II and Physics I & II, but thriving in the hands-on courses. It took me more than four years to graduate, and perhaps I am a better person for it. But what if we encourage our high schoolers to learn a trade instead of aspiring for an ambiguous ‘career’?”

Career Day - Baldwin General

From Amity and throughout the Willamette Valley, it is motivating to see so many young students already investing in their futures. That’s certainly one blueprint Baldwin can get behind.

Over the years, Baldwin has placed a focus on education and working with students who are interested in both studying engineering and potentially working in the construction business in the future by hosting the Willamette Education Externship, with Baldwin welcoming over 30 high school instructors, giving them tours of job sites and activities such as plan reading, and project scheduling. The Willamette Education Externship (presented by The Willamette Promise which is housed at the Willamette Education Service District (WESD) and proudly serves over 55 school districts across Oregon) began in 2016 when the Associated General Contractors and the Willamette Promise partnership began to look at unfilled positions in the construction industry’s high-demand, high-wage careers. At the time, the Oregon construction industry had two primary goals in mind in the partnership: build relationships with educators and support these educators with information, observation, and exploration into the industry.

Hearing and reading the feedback from the teachers who previously attended the WESD serves as a timely reminder of the valuable work Baldwin is doing from the classroom, in the community, and on construction sites across Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.

Thanks to projects like this and being able to take part in the Career Day at Amity High School, the future remains very bright for those students interested in exploring a trade school or working in vocational professions such as construction.

“I received positive feedback during the presentation to the students,” said Pati Kiley.

“We have already been invited back to attend Career Day next year!”

If you are a teacher, school, or student interested in learning more about Baldwin General Contracting and career opportunities within the construction industry, please contact us today.