25th Anniversary Logo for Baldwin General Contracting

Yohn Baldwin, Baldwin General Contracting Featured In New Commercial About PARR

Yohn Baldwin, of Baldwin General Contracting, is featured in a PARR Commercial about the construction industry.

When it comes to new construction or making renovations, Baldwin knows a thing or two about building something lasting.

That’s why the thirty-second commercial filmed by David Poulshock of Red Door Films featuring Baldwin General Contracting’s own Yohn Baldwin is the perfect way to applaud Baldwin’s impact in the construction business while highlighting the longevity of Parr Lumber.

Recently, PARR (popularly known as Parr Lumber) launched a complete company rebrand to help secure their place as one of the nation’s largest building-material suppliers. PARR’s new look and feel – complete with a “Go Where the Builders Go” tag line and all caps logo – reflects the company’s collaborative and customer-driven culture, renewed vision and purpose, and investment in new opportunities targeted to serve its employees, customers and communities.

Watch Yohn Baldwin in the commercial for PARR!

Just as Baldwin General Contracting celebrates 25 years of business across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, PARR also has a storied history since its inception in 1930 and has grown considerably from its start as a single lumberyard to one of the Pacific Northwest’s most respected brands. Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, you can learn more about PARR by visiting their company website.