Integrating superior quality building and personalized delivery
with effective construction strategies.

Any building project can be an enormous undertaking. Our job is to support you, and our commitment is to listen closely to truly understand your goals and expectations and gain your trust. We are committed to giving you concrete, honest answers, to taking responsibility and making the right decisions on your behalf.


We find that getting involved early as part of the project team has the greatest potential influence on a project’s overall success, after all, the best solution is the one you implement before the problem actually exists. We are regularly helping our clients with establishing preliminary budgets, creating schematic schedules, and assisting the Architect and Engineers with constructability issues. We find that identifying potential challenges during preconstruction and applying preventative solutions is often key to staying within budgets, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations. Our early involvement is frequently what allows us to guarantee success. Make Baldwin General part of your next construction team and see how much value we bring to your project.

construction manager/general contractor

Our experience has proven that a clear line of site can be drawn between between cost and design when the client, designer and contractor are all at the table at the same time - the challenges get worked out, the drawings are more constructible, and when design and cost certainty are advanced the resulting transparency greatly reduces the risk of schedule slips or budget overruns in later phases. The CM/GC contract is an excellent choice when you want the collective expertise of an entire design/construction team. Our extensive experience with the CM/GC approach has allowed us to develop highly productive methods through all phases of the project design, preconstruction, construction, and post construction warranty.

Design Build/ design assist

Designing and Building a project – regardless of size – involves managing hundreds of moving parts that all need to be coordinated in lockstep by the designer and the builder. Having completed hundreds of Design-Build projects, Baldwin General has proven that when the design and construction professionals are able to work shoulder to shoulder, speaking face to face from the beginning of the process, they are able to avoid the many miscommunications that can occur within a set of construction documents. This saves time and money and can even help the permitting process. Yet of even greater importance is this continuity provides the contractor the opportunity to help identify and actively plan for construction issues that may place the budget and schedule objectives at risk. Come talk to us about how the Design-build process can benefit your project.


The people at Baldwin General have become well known for our honesty, integrity, and as some of the most experienced and hard-working people in the industry. Members of our firm take a disciplined approach to construction planning which has created tight knit teams with good moral between the office and the field. During construction, our project leaders use our integrated accounting and project control systems as a management tool to control costs, provide job status inquires, labor reports, and detailed accounts payable reports to ensure our subcontractors are paid promptly and accurately and that lien releases are never an issue. Baldwin’s safety program ensures safe job sites and our excellent safety record helps us provide lower labor and insurance costs to our customers. Any building project is an enormous undertaking. Our job is to support you, and our commitment is to create the best experience possible.

Post construction

The landscaping is complete, the last wall is painted, every doorknob is on every door, and it’s time to celebrate! It is human nature to stop and admire one’s accomplishments after the hard work is done, but we know that a building has complex systems and even though construction may be done and everything is in working order, there are most likely many items left to be done. There are punch lists to complete, commissioning and training to do, lien laws to be satisfied and documents to be delivered, and probably a long list of other things. At Baldwin General, we know that construction is just part of the project lifecycle, and that it’s the small details that matter. Our people do their best to ensure our projects are complete and our clients are thrilled with the results, long after the construction phase is done.


Our approach is that, even if a project is not pursing a sustainable certification, it is important to bring sustainable principles to the design and construction process to maximize the value to our clients.

Eliminating Waste
Our biggest impact to the environment is the waste that we produce during a project. While our projects are currently diverting large percentages of the waste that comes on to our project sites, our goal is to ultimately strive for overall reduction of the amount of waste coming onto our sites, eventually eliminating waste of all types.

Supporting Our Clients' Goals
Baldwin helps our clients to meet their goals of building high-performance, healthy buildings, which we do through education of both our own associates and our clients. This means that our clients work with associates who understand how to build to sustainable standards and how to manage the LEED process. We are a member of the United States Green Building Council and we have staff members with LEED credentials.

Looking to the Future
We have policies and programs in place that allow us to measure and monitor where we stand, allowing us to be innovative and explore the limits of sustainability expectations in the construction industry. We are dedicated to keeping our associates educated on the most current innovations in green building and taking that knowledge out onto jobsites and into the communities where we work.